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About Us

Plastic waste has always been a serious concern by the globe. According to statistics, 1 million of plastic bottles are being purchased per minute in average; this figure is foreseen to grow 20% in 2021. Hence, we obliged to take further action to save the earth.

Ecovella was founded in 2019 by Bontex Corporation Limited. All products are made using 100% recycled plastic bottles, which take more than 450 years to decompose in soil. In 2018, we’ve started to process plastic bottles into fibers, and make products of different materials.


We are the first to create 100% RPET towel, same functions as normal cotton towel but fully recyclable.

The variety range of products we provide included, kitchen and home textile, cleaning and laundry, garden and picnic, travel item, pet item, health and sports, cosmetic bags etc.


*Please Help Saving The Earth Together*