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We all know that beer and glass soda bottles should be recycled since we are kids. But can you recycle the metal bottle caps?
Is broken glass recyclable or can we throw it away in the bin?
When we are talking about recycling, are greasy pizza boxes not good for recycling? We should first look at how paper and cardboard are recycled.
If there's one material you should definitely recycle, that would be aluminum cans.
Every year about 4 trillion plastic shopping bags are created, you might wonder how are the shopping bags created.
We know plastic bags don’t belong in recycling bins, you might be wondering what to do with them.
Turns out the place where our recyclables are processed can't handle plastic bags.
Millions of Christmas trees are purchased every season, the cost of creating these fake Christmas trees is large, such as high carbon emissions and resources being used.
Our Recycled Leather Handbag is a more sustainable choice than a non-recycled handbag, because it reduces pollution by recycling genuine leather scraps which were destined to be sent to landfills.
Our RPET backpack is a more sustainable choice!